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Boosting Efficiency and Performance: Harnessing the Power of SwineMate(altrenogest)

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

SwineMate is used for the synchronization of estrus in sexually mature gilts that have had at least one estrous cycle. Developed with the exact formulation and active ingredient as Matrix, it is the cost-effective alternative. Spencer Ag Center has been a long time distributor of SwineMate and have many customers that use it religiously.

The benefit of using SwineMate is increased operational efficiency due to: - Synchronization of the estrous cycle of gilts - Prolonging gestation for 2–3 days - Synchronized farrowing cycles - Postponement of post-weaning estrus. SwineMate should not be used in gilts having a previous or current history of uterine inflammation (i.e., acute, subacute or chronic endometritis).

  • Manufactured in an FDA-approved facility

  • Dosage – 6.8 mL/day for 14 consecutive days (15 mg of altrenogest per day)

  • Achieve standing heat 4-9 days after SwineMate® treatment

  • The cost-effective alternative to MATRIX®

  • The exact formulation and active ingredient as MATRIX®

  • Operating efficiency improved by controlling estrus synchronization

  • Predictable breeding time table for sexually mature gilts that have had at least one estrus

  • SwineMate® is used to synchronize the estrous cycle of gilts, to prolong gestation for 2-3 days, to synchronize farrowing and to postpone post-weaning estrus


The classical role of altrenogest has been to synchronise a group of gilts into the breeding program. Altrenogest results in a pool of gilts ready for breeding on their 2nd observed Estrus at 230-240 days of age and ≥130 kg live-weight. This reduces the need for a large gilt pool with the obvious saving in feed and manpower. However, it is essential to plan and manage your gilt pool to ensure breeding targets are met and that intra-batch variation is minimised to less than 10%.

When should the group of gilts cycle within a batch?

There are two thoughts:

  1. With the sows – to enhance breeding management This can reduce the time taken to achieve the mating within a batch. In this case the altrenogest is last given the day before the batch of sows are weaned. For example, if weaning on a Monday, the last altrenogest dose is administered on the Sunday and the gilts and sows will be mated the following Friday and Saturday.

  2. Before the main group of sows – to enhance gilt farrowing management. The gilts are mated 2-3 days before the sows. In this case (with a Monday weaned sow) the last altrenogest dose is administered on the Friday and the gilts mated on Wednesday and Thursday. This provides a number of advantages:

  • The gilts farrow first so more time can be devoted to them

  • They farrow in a cleaner farrowing house

  • The parity 1 piglets are then the oldest at weaning and so not the smallest and weakest!

  • The parity 1 lactation is slightly longer than the sows allowing for more food to be eaten and a reduction in wean to service interval. This can be especially beneficial in 3-week lactation batch models as parity 1 sows have a reduced farrowing rate and litter size if weaned below 19 days of lactation.

Spencer Ag Center carries SwineMate from Aurora Pharmaceuticals and is always available online at our special price or in store at normal retail! Contact Spencer Ag Center if you have any questions or if you want to talk to one of our swine field marketers about your program.

SwineMate $99.99/bottle!!



Questions contact: Spencer Ag Center

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