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There is debate in the industry whether creep feeding pays for calves year after year. I would offer these reasons why it is a good practice but, may be a little hard to measure in an economic sense.

1) Taking pressure off of the cow. This is especially true for first and second calves that need extra body condition. This can relate back to reproductive efficiency and longevity of the cow. Getting calves started on feed will leave more nutrients for the cow to recover from lactation pressure.

2) Taking pressure off the pasture grass. When dry conditions affect grass quality, creep feeding may help stretch the supply out.

3) Coccidiosis control, by adding Rumensin,Bovatec,or Deccox to the creep feed, you can help prevent and control coccidiosis in the calves

4) Starting calves on creep feed helps reduce stress at weaning. They know what a bunk is and how to eat feed. The calves should also have a weight advantage over those not creep fed.

Spencer Ag Center will be offering a 15% pelleted creep feed that is more of a roughage based feed. It will only be available in 3 ton lots in bulk. We will also offer the 14% Commercial creep and the long standing favorite 14% Calf creep R20 . Both are offered in either bags or bulk. Be sure to visit with a sales team member for pricing and discuss which product will fit your operation best.

Be sure to ask about mineral options available for your cows. WE WILL HAVE MINERAL PROGRAMS FOR ALL BUDGETS. P.S. don’t forget the garlic !!

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