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Timely Tid-Bits from the SAC Swine Vets


Biosecurity is always of paramount

importance. However, we feel it especially

important to bring to your attention that we

are seeing and hearing of PED cases being

confirmed this winter. We strongly encourage

you to review and modify biosecurity

protocols as necessary. Proactive measures are

easier and less costly to implement than reactive

measures. We encourage you to review your

protocols and any suspicions of PED with our

veterinarians. A line of separation, barn-specific

boots, and complete cleaning, disinfection, and

drying of trucks and trailers are all key points

we would stress to all producers.

We at SAC take internal biosecurity and

the health of your farm very seriously and our

delivery personnel are well-aware of PED sites.

We utilize disposable footwear when on-site,

clean and disinfect our vehicles inside and out,

and prioritize farm visits and deliveries based

on health status to the best of our knowledge

and ability.

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