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Why should I use SwineMate?

Swine Mate. Matrix Swine Altrenogest. Breeding Showpigs.

SwineMate is used for the synchronization of estrus in sexually mature gilts that have had at least one estrous cycle. Developed with the exact formulation and active ingredient as Matrix, it is the cost-effective alternative. Spencer Ag Center has been a long time distributor of SwineMate and have many customers that use it religiously.

The benefit of using SwineMate is increased operational efficiency due to: - Synchronization of the estrous cycle of gilts - Prolonging gestation for 2–3 days - Synchronized farrowing cycles - Postponement of post-weaning estrus

SwineMate should not be used in gilts having a previous or current history of uterine inflammation (i.e., acute, subacute or chronic endometritis).

SwineMate $99.99/bottle!!



Questions contact: Spencer Ag Center 1901 East 8th Street Spencer, IA 51301


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